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Puripharm Co., Ltd. is a high-tech medical & health company founded by experienced biomedical experts and investors at home and abroad, specializing in development, production, application and sales of functional BioActive Ingredients and preparations. The founding team was successfully selected into the “South Taihu Elite Plan” of Huzhou City in 2015. The new nano-delivery system developed by this key medical & health company in Huzhou has won the support of the government research fund.

The founders have rich experience in biomedical field and abundant network resources in biomedical academia and industry at home and abroad. Many nanomedicines and biopharmaceuticals developed by them (including American professors, experts from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, etc.) have been listed or entered into the clinical research phase, including Chinese Generic Drugs of nano-liposomal drugs such as Doxil/Caelyx, Amphotec and Marqibo, and Biosimilars such as growth hormone and parathyroid hormone. Mr. Zhengmao Yang, the company’s main founder, is currently the secretary general of the WHU Healthcare Alliance.

Puripharm has close communication and cooperation with Ohio State University, University of East Anglia, Wuhan University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sun Yat-sen University, China National Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and other globally well-known universities and research institutes. Puripharm has successfully established technology platforms including biotechnology, phytoextraction, green chemistry and innovative formulations. We use these platform technologies to develop a range of bioactive substances from chemical synthesis, phytoextraction and biotechnology sources, as well as new drugs and bioactive preparations based on Nano-Delivery System, Smart Gel System, Transdermal Delivery systems, Bioadhesive Delivery System, etc.

New technologies such as Nano-Delivery System can effectively solve the common problems of solubility, stability and absorption of bioactive substances in practical applications, and have important application value in the development of health products such as medicine, functional cosmetics, functional foods and medical devices.

Adhering to the concept of Quality by Design (QbD) and the golden standard of development with safety, efficiency and stability, Puripharm has developed a series of bioactive ingredients by combining modern biotechnological technologies, oriental traditional medicine wisdom and new preparation technologies such as nano-transfer. Puripharm also provides customers in health care industry with bioactive raw materials such as nano-coated dihydro oat Avenanthramides (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic), Hexamidine dihydroxyethyl sulfonate (anti-acne, anti-dandruff, firming and anti-wrinkle), nano-coated retinal (vitamin A), nano-coated resveratrol (whitening, anti-aging), nano-coated astaxanthin (anti-aging, anti-wrinkle), nano-coated multivitamins (anti-eye bags, anti-dark circles), quaternary ammonium salt-73 (anti-acne, anti-freckle), nano-coated lipoic acid (whitening, anti-acnemarks, anti-scars), nano-coated 377 (whitening), nano-coated curcumin (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic), nano-coated salicylic acid (anti-acne, exfoliator), nano-coated Ceramide (moisturizing, repairing), nano-coated vitamin C (whitening, anti-oxidation), chlorogenic acid (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic), betulin (repair, anti-allergic ), water-soluble natural yeast glucan (immunomodulation, repair), quaternized hydrolyzed keratin (hair care), quaternized hydrolyzed wheat protein (hair care), bio-gum (moisturizing), SOD (anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals, whitening, and white blood cell extracts (immunomodulation, repair). Others include functional bioactive substances needed in functional skin care products, functional foods and medical devices, and customized services for formulation development.



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