Scar-Zero is a new scar repair product that can effectively prevent and treat skin scars. With advanced genomics and proteomics technology, the product is manufactured by extracting core factors related to skin repair in human proteins through the online activity screening technology and genetic recombination technology. Various factors cooperate and restrict each other, forming a complex regulatory network, regulating cells to maintain normal oxidative stress levels, and controlling micro-inflammation in the skin. It guides the proliferation of epidermal and dermal cells, and prolongs the self-regenerating function of keratinocytes to fundamentally reverse the aging process of skin cells. The unique repair factor can help the skin produce a large number of active matters, effectively control the micro-inflammation in the skin, repair blood vessels and dermal cells, make the skin hydrated and translucent, and improve the skin gloss, softness and tenderness to render an effect of inverse age.

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