NanoActive HPR

NanoActive HPR, INCI name: Hydroxyl pinacone retinoate, CAS: 893412-73-2.

A new nano-liposomal preparation which can be absorbed better. HPR is a retinol derivative that can directly bind to cellular RARs. It has the function of regulating the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum. It has anti-ageing effects, reduces sebum spillage, dilutes epidermal pigments to prevents skin aging, treats acne, and whitens skin spots. Besides the powerful effect of retinoic acid, it greatly reduces its irritation. It is mainly used for anti-aging, wrinkle prevention and acne recurrence prevention. NanoActive r-Retinoate (retinol retinate, 15498-86-9), as a vitamin A ester, has milder and less irritating properties than retinol and thus can be effectively used in anti-aging and wrinkle removing skin care products.

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