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NanoActive Vitamins (NanoActive Vitas)

Anti-aging, eye bags and dark circles

NanoActive Vitas is a new multivitamin nanoliposome preparation (NanoLiposomal Vitas).
Product Name: Nanoactive Vitamin AEK; BioaActive Vitamin AEK; BioActive AEK; NanoActive AEK; Soluble Vitamin AEK;Nano Liposomal AEK

CAS: 79-81-2, 127-47-9, 10191-41-0

Dark circles and eye bags

The color of “dark circles” mainly comes from the venous blood vessels in the capillary veins of the lower eyelid. Poor partial microcirculation is one of main causes for eye swelling and eye bags, which intensifies dark circles in both optical and physiological aspects. Dark circles and bags under eyes go hand in hand, which largely undermine the appearance of the eyes. The main reasons include: fatigue ﹑fluctuating emotions, aging, weakness and lack of skincare.


Ternary multivitamin

Vitamin A can guarantee the normal state of skin tissue and maintain the normal regeneration of basal cells; Vitamin E is a highly effective antioxidant that protects cell activity; menaquinone can control blood clotting and significantly reduce the congestion of capillaries in the lower part of the eye.


  • Advanced Biologically Active Amphiphilic Nano- Delivery (BAAN) Technology compounds vitamins
  • The multiplexing of VK and VA can significantly reduce dark circles
  • The mixing of VE and VA can increase vitamin storage of the epidermis
  • The sustained release of VA is crucial for the keratinization of the epidermis
  • The ternary compound effects that can remove wrinkles, dark circles and reddish tone ,whiten the skin, anti-aging and sunscreen.
  • The product is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable
  • It does not contain any preservative system


  • Enhances metabolism and mitosis, helps maintain skin softness and elasticity, and delays skin aging
  • Protects cell membranes, improves skin microcirculation, and repairs skin safely and effectively
  • Reduces dark circles caused by fatigue and postpartum stretch marks
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, anti-reddish and repairing, all in one

    Application range

    Eye care products and anti-aging products such as serum, eye mask, facial mask, skin care, etc.



    Add at room temperature, heating to above 40°C can speed up the dissolution rate. Recommended dosage: 1-5%. Better effects with NanoActive Q10, NanoActive Asta, etc.


    Storage:Recommended to store at 2-8°C

    Packing specification:1kg, 5kg, 10kg

    Recommended dosage:0.5-5.0%

    Experimental proof

    The nano-multivitamin has little incompatibility, with a structure that can be easily combined with water molecules, showing unique advantages in the formulation.


  • Reduce skin roughness
  • 18 volunteers used a cream containing 1% nano-complex vitamins twice a day

    for one month. We compared them with the blank control, and used DO D15 D30 for image comparison analysis to evaluate the effect after use (see the figure below). After 30 days, the nano-multivitamin significantly smoothed and brighten the skin.


                                                                      D0                D15


  • Complexion improvement
  • Twenty volunteers took clinical trials and were randomized into groups of 10 each. They were between 40 and 60 years old and of both genders. They used a facial cream containing 1% nano-complex vitamin twice a day for one month. Quantitative analyses of glossiness, clarity and complexion showed that the users’ skin appeared fresher, brighter and more vibrant (see table below).



    Significant improvement
    Dull skin remission
    Brightness increase


  • Lighten dark circles and under-eye bags
  • Twenty volunteers applied a formula containing 1% nano-complex vitamins and blank products respectively to their eyelids twice a day for a month, and provided feedbacks on the differences observed after use through a self-assessment questionnaire (see table below).



    Dark circles
    Reduced by 75%
    Lightened by 13%
    Lessened by 12%
    Bags under eyes
    67% Resistable
    Reduced by 33%
    Crow’s feet
    Reduced by 20%
    Lightened by 80%

    Note: 1 Good – significant improvement