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Natural Phospholipid Nano Moisturizer

Description: Natural Phospholipid Nano Moisturizer is a new type of moisturizing lotion developed with natural GMO-free soybean phospholipid, linseed oil, vitamin E and other natural materials under the modern nano-pharmaceutical technology. The average particle size of the product is less than 30nm. With its high transparency and sound stability, it can be applied to various formulations. Small size nanoparticles can have a good Occlusion Effect on our skin, enhancing the ability of moisture preserving of our skin. Phospholipid is one of the main components of human cells. It boasts great biocompatibility and fine skin texture, which provides a natural barrier for our skin against the invasion of external allergens such as microbe and dust particles so as to protect our skin from ultraviolet damage. The interaction between active substance in the formulation and the nano-sized oil dropletscan effectively improve the chemical stability of the product and promote the penetration of the active substance through the corneum into the deep part of our skin, giving full play of its functions and greatly enhancing the quality of the product.

Particles of different sizes interacting with our skin

Journal of Microencapsulation, 2011; 28(8): 709–716

The smaller the particle is, the stronger the adhesion effect is. The nanoparticles can have a good Occlusion Effect on the skin, which enhances the ability of moisture preserving of our skin.

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 59 (2007) 522–530


Distribution of product particle size

Moisturizing effect of different concentrations of nano moisturizer

Phospholipids (LP)  can effectively reduce skin erythema caused by ultraviolet radiation

Nano moisturizer can promote the absorption and transformation of delta-amino acid in MCF-7 cells


Nano moisturizer can promote the transdermal absorption and transformation of delta-amino acid

Acne Nano Concentrate

Description: Natural Compound Acne Nano Concentrate is a new multi-effect acne product developed under various techniques such as plant extraction, biotechnology, green chemistry and nano-encapsulation. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and also boasts strong ability in anti-oxidation, oil control, pit removing and promoting healing, so it can be widely used in acne, deodorant, pit removing and other products.

  Magnolol                             Honokiol

The main active ingredients of Magnolia Officinalis and Magnolia Officinalis Extract


Red Wine Polyphenols – Resveratrol


Quercetin and Quercetin



Quaternary Ammonium Salt-73 (Pionin and Soybean Phospholipids)


The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compound have a strong antibacterial activity against the Gram-positive bacteria:

Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)
Propionibacterium acnes
The main pathogen causing acne
Staphylococcus epidermidis
Normal skin flora, possibility of causing internal infections
Staphylococcus aureus
Normal skin flora, possibility of causing skin infections
Corynebacterium jeikeium
Leading to body odor
Corynebacterium xerosis
Leading to body odor
Corynebacterium amycolatum
Leading to body odor
Streptococcus mutans
Causing tooth decay
Steptococcus faecalis
Excrement contamination
Candida albicans
Saccharomycetes, intestinal flora, causing skin infections



Photos before and after using Natural Compound Acne Nano Concentration skin care products



  • Skin care products for the treatment of acne skin
  • Products for hidroschesis and deodorization
  •     Use of Product:add it at an ordinary temperature; recommended dosage: 0.5-5%. Better effect with anti-irritation and allergies Relief compound. The anti-acne product will work better with the combination of nano salicylic acid, nano retinaldehyde, nano curcumin, nano azelaic acid and the like.

    Storage of Product: keep it away from light at a temperature below 25℃.